2012: the year in review.

Wow, Internet. 2012 is nearly over and 2013 is now only hours away. What the heck!?
Initially, when I started writing this entry, I planned to write it like a review of 2012, but I then realized that WAY too much happened for me to be able to summarise the year in one single post. What a year it’s been!
This, starting a blog, was actually one of my New Years resolutions for 2012. With a couple days to spare I actually managed to get off my butt and do it. Whew! Also, will not be making ANY resolutions for 2013. Except maybe to love more. Always love more.

I figure it would be foolish to expect, or even hope that nothing ”bad” would happen over the course of the 365 days that makes a year. I also believe that failure and loss is a part of life, and because of the bad things that happen to us we are able to appreciate it all the more when something good happens. It’s like winter here.
Winter in Sweden is normally long, dark and cold. I don’t like darkness and if I had a choice I would not leave the house as soon as the temp. dropped under 5°C (about 40°F). BUT… because of the winter with it’s horribly cold temperatures, I appreciate Spring and Summer SO much more. Who’s with me?
I guess the same goes with hardship. You can’t really have the one, without the other…

For me personally, 2012 has been a year of many ”firsts”. I have definitely grown a lot over the past twelve months, and learnt more about myself than I thought possible. I don’t think I am the same person today that I was on January 1st. It’s been a very exciting year, filled with happiness, but there have also been many moments where I just wanted to cry. and cry. and cry. And I’m not going to lie, more than a few tears were shed along the way caused by a bit of heart ache (still, WORTH IT!) and disappointment and loss. BUT, there were also many tears of happiness, caused by laughter and awesome times spent with loved ones. Those who know me know that it doesn’t take a lot for me to get teary eyed, and especially not when I’m laughing! 🙂

Best of 2012:
– New friendships! I’ve made so many new friends this year and I love each and every one of you SO much. I wish we lived closer so I could see you all on a regular basis. In 2012 I made friends in the US, South Africa, Ecuador and of course Sweden. Distance sucks and I hope I will get to see all you again SOON.
– Lots of family lovin’.
– New job. Finally I’m excited to go to work again.
– Travels. 2012 was definitely a busy year in this aspect. Lost luggage, shorter than short layovers and bronchitis could not get me down. I just LOVE traveling.

– A few friendships were lost over the course of the year. Cutting people out of my life does not mean I hate them, it simply means that I respect me. Still sad though.
– Spent three weeks on the beautiful island of Malta. My strongest memories are my visits the pharmacy nearly every day, and being diagnosed with bronchitis. Fail.
– Forked up an arm and a leg for a gym membership in late 2011, with a plan to make 2012 the year where I finally got in the shape of my life. About a week ago, I renewed the gym membership, with a plan to make 2013 ”my” year. Ah jeez, will I ever learn? LOL.

Most memorable moments:

1. The wedding of two of my favorite people, Grant and Haley. So much love in the same place I could barely handle it.

Grant and Haley

2. Spending the day at the Magic Kingdom with a crazy awesome lady, Ms. Ashley. Love her to bits and don’t think I stopped laughing once.

Magic Kingdom

3. Conquering Table Mountain. Detours be damned, we did it! And the restaurant by the cable car station has the best mango juice I’ve ever tasted.

2012-02-27_SA'12_Table Mountain_099 2012-02-27_SA'12_Table Mountain_279

4. A crazy night out with new friends at Sportstown in Orlando. We were all ”at our best” that night. Some more than others.


All in all, I am happy to say I leave 2012 behind me with very few regrets, and look forward to the new adventures I will take on in 2013!



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